Artwork Guidelines

Uploading your own ‘print ready’ artwork

A file you have downloaded from the internet on a google search is highly unlikely to be a high enough resolution to produce a poster or banner

By “print ready” we mean artwork that is ready to print. We do not have to edit it in any way, it is ready to be sent to a printer after we have added a cut line if one is necessary. (we would prefer this file to be a “vector” layered PDF file.) The artwork should be in the same size as you are ordering and the same shape. i.e. If you choose a square 75x75mm square sticker your artwork should be 75x75mm square. Please do not just upload a file and hope for the best !

If you need to know the pixel size of your image follow the guide below. We show you how to get the dimensions in pixels which you can then convert to mm using our converter below. The mm size is what you will need to order your stickers.


Find the file in windows explorer on your PC. Right click on the file and select “properties” then click on the “details” tab. You will then see the dimensions in pixels.

Pixel count of image file


CTR/Click on the file and under “more info” you will see the dimension of the file.

image pixels mac

The table below shows the pixels levels you will need to get a good print if you are using photographic files i.e. jpg, png etc.

We would prefer to print everything at 300 dpi or better as you will receive a top quality print. Your images will be printed on a professional printer costing tens of thousands of pounds.

If you supply low res artwork you will receive a low res print.

We like to print all stickers at 300dpi or better, the table below shows you the pixel size we would need to produce an excellent quality print. We will print banners and posters at 72dpi but please do not expect a perfect print. The artwork you supply is your responsibility and we cannot work miracles with it !

50mm 591 x 591 pixels
100mm 1181 x 1181 pixels
150mm 1772 x 1772 pixels
200mm 2953 x 2953 pixels
100x50mm 2362 x 1181 pixels
1600×600 1701 x 4535 pixels 7087 x 18898 pixels
850×2000 2409 x 5669 pixels 10039 x 23622 pixels
A2 1191 x 1684 pixels 4961 x 7016 pixels
A1 1684 x 2384 pixels 7016 x 9933 pixels
A0 2384 x 3370 pixels 9933 x 14043 pixels
Panoramic 3402 x 1134 pixels 14173 x 4724 pixels