Artwork Guidelines

Uploading and using your own photos using the Printvent designer

The better quality your pictures are, the better the print will be ! Our designer is set to refuse any image that is under 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels. Pictures and graphics you find on the web are NEVER suitable for a quality print unless they have been sourced from a professional graphics library like Shutterstock. Whichever product you order it will be printed on a printer costing tens of thousands of pounds. With good artwork and photos you will receive a superb quality print. With inferior artwork you will receive an inferior quality print. We always prefer to use Vector graphics on large prints like banners and posters. Click the button below for more about Vector graphics.

Using text and type in the Printvent Designer and for file uploads

The Printvent designer has around 75 fonts for you to use. We have tried to match these fonts to the products we sell i.e. We have college fonts for our custom varsity jackets and american football shirts, big bold fonts for our posters and banners etc. There are millions of fonts in existence so we cannot have them all on our website. If there is a particular font that you require please let us know. We have access to all 600 Google fonts and can add them to our designer. If you are uploading your own artwork please.make sure the fonts have been converted to curves, or the fonts are embedded in the file. We do have many popular fonts but do not have every font

Clothing design in the printvent designer

When you add text in the Printvent Designer we will automatically cut the text to each exact letter and apply it to the garment. We will also do this with graphics that you use from the “Clothing” section of our graphics libray. These graphics all have a transparent background so we will know to cut the graphic as well as the text. We have all seen t-shirts with just an A4 print that has not been die cut and it is not a good look ! (It looks like an A4 sheet of paper has been glued to the shirt!) If you upload your own graphics and photos to the designer THEY HAVE TO HAVE A TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND IF YOU WANT THEM TO BE DIE CUT. See our section about transparent graphics by clicking the button below.